Graphite Items

Graphite Sheet

This material is made from high-purity natural graphite, which is formed into a sheet shape by special treatment.
It has excellent chemical resistance, flexibility and adhesiveness, and can be used as a sealing material for packing, cushioning, spacers, etc., and as a thermal diffusion material.

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High-purity graphite items

Taking advantage of the characteristics of graphite, this material has high-temperature heat resistance, dimensional stability, high chemical resistance, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and good sliding properties.It is used for furnace materials, metallurgical jigs, crucibles, molds, etc.

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Expanded Graphite

This material has high graphite purity and conductivity equivalent to that of scale graphite.
It is a new material with excellent heat dissipation, heat transfer and mould release properties, and has the potential to be applied to a wide range of applications.

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