Cleaning agent 
for cutting fluid

Water-soluble cutting fluid antibacterial deodoriser

Oil Attacker

Rancidity and odours are problems in the use of water-soluble cutting fluid for metalworking. Oil Attacker sterilises bacteria in the cutting fuluid, which is the source of the odour, and prevents rancidity! It eliminates unpleasant odours and helps to improve the environment.

High antimicrobial effectiveness

Oil Attacker, developed by TYK, is a TYK original product for deodorising water-soluble cutting oils. It reduces rancid odours produced by cutting fluid. Reduces 99.99% of E. coli and Legionella bacteria in water-soluble cutting fluids, which cause odours!

Lifespan extension possible

The inorganic silver-based antimicrobial agent used in the Oil Attacker does not leach into oil or wate, so it does not adversely affect the cutting fluid. It prevents the growth of bacteria and prevents spoilage, thereby extending the replacement life of the cutting fluid!


Problems caused by cutting fuluid odour are....

Odour deteriorates the work environment.
Increased costs due to more frequent replacements.
 Ill health caused by bad odours from cutting fluid.

Why not solve that problem with an oil attacker?


Oil Attacker is effective when bacteria come into contact with the antimicrobial agent, so install in areas where there is a cutting fluid flow.
Clean the oil attacker regularly. If the surface of the antimicrobial agent is contaminated, the effect of the antimicrobial agent will be reduced by half.

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