Wind Turbine's 
Sintered Yaw Brake Pad 

Wind turbine

Sintered Metal Yaw Brake Pad

Among wind turbine parts, we develop, manufacture, and sell yaw brake pads made of metal materials, which are especially subject to heavy loads.
We propose the most suitable material according to the wind conditions of the installation site and the manufacturer.

High abrasion resistance

TYK's metal brake pads are made of a special compound developed by TYK, which provides a high level of wear resistance that cannot be achieved with ordinary organic brakes.
They also excel in heat resistance, and their braking effect does not diminish even when exposed to high temperatures that may cause sparks

Grease oil resistant!

When the surface of a metal brake pad is magnified, it can be seen that there are almost no pores that allow grease oil to penetrate into the pad. Therefore, there is no absorption of grease oil, etc., nor degeneration of the material, and a high coefficient of wear can be maintained.
In addition, as no asbestos or phenol resin is used, these brake pads are friendly to both the human body and the environment.

Enlarged view of actual metal brake pads

l Why are TYK's sintered metal brake pads  nice?

1. Stable coefficient of friction (holding and braking force) 
    2. High strength (bending, compressive and shear strength) 
    3. Low aggressiveness to mating materials

We will propose the most suitable material according to the model and the type of trouble. We can also propose custom-made materials to meet your operating conditions!



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