Agricultural sterilization materials

Agricultural sterilization materials

CropSafe Hydro

Outstanding antimicrobial rate enables recycling of nutrient solution.
The sterilizing effect is due to a non-eluting inorganic silver-based antimicrobial agent!
With a sterilization rate of 99% for root rot pathogens, it supports healthy growth.

除菌タン君3号 一般農園向け 除菌タン君1号 大型農園向け

High-performance sterilization filter
CropSafe Hydro series

The Sterilization CropSafe hydro series is a ceramic sterilizer developed as a sterilization material for agricultural nutrient solution. Through years of research on ceramics, TYK has developed a technology that allows inorganic silver antimicrobial agents to adhere semipermanently to ceramics without leaching.
The unique technology does not affect plants and nutrients because the silver antimicrobial agent does not leach out.

Achieves high sterilization rate!

High sterilization rate shuts out the spread of pathogens! The eradication rate of root rot pathogens is 99%. Effective against standing wilt caused by Pythium spp. and Fusarium spp! Strong bactericidal effect while not damaging the roots.

Another appeal of CropSafe Hydro is that it can be washed many times, making it economical and eco-friendly. Maintenance is easy, and the sterilizing effect lasts for one year if cleaned regularly.


CropSafe Hydro 1

The largest flow rate in the CropSafe Hydro series.
Equipped with a backwash function. Hardly clogged, suitable for large farms.

Height: approx. 150 cm
    Outer diameter: approx. 60 cm
<Maximum flow rate>


CropSafe Hydro 2

 Highly effective sterilization and compact size allows installation in small spaces. Simple structure allows for easy maintenance.

Height:Approx. 50cm 
    Outer diameter of the body:Approx. 30cm
<Maximum flow rate>

小型フィルター ケンコーネ

CropSafe Hydro S

Highly effective sterilization and can be installed inline.Requires separate installation of a debris removal filter

   Height:Approx. 40cm 
   Outer diameter of the body:Approx. 20cm
<Maximum flow rate>

Customer Testimonials

The following is a partial list of comments from users who have actually used CropSafe Hydro.

Flower grower

I was skeptical about the use of the CropSafe Hydro and first used it in the seedling building, but the annual outbreak of the disease has been eliminated! 

Tomato farmer

Since we started using CropSafe Hydro, not only has the disease disappeared, but the yield has also increased by 30%.

Cabbage farmer

Obviously, rooting was improved and the harvest weight per plant of cabbage increased. We were surprised at the high effect.



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