Industrial Machinery
Sintered Metal brake Pads

Industrial Machinery

Sintered Metal Brake Pads

TYK's friction materials are made of a combination of inorganic materials to achieve a high coefficient of friction that is impossible with organic brake pads.

産業用ブレーキ 使用例

|What's the TYK's brake pad? 

Excellent wear resistance
Since the binder and filler do not contain organic substances, there is no increase in wear due to temperature rise.
High coefficient of friction
Special formulations enable a high friction coefficient that cannot be achieved with general resin molded products.
No fade phenomenon
High heat resistance and stability due to metal matrix composite material! Braking effect does not deteriorate even at high temperatures.
Integrated design, prototyping, and manufacturing!
We propose the most suitable material for each model!
Human body and environmentally friendly
This sintered friction material has excellent performance and does not use materials that have adverse effects on the human body or the environment.

|Intended Uses

Overhead crane, main winding brake, auxiliary winding brake, traversing brake, traveling brake, etc.



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